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The gene application is a health app that makes it possible to collect gene data from laboratory analyzes and compare it with a person's personal preferences in relation to food and activity level.

For the task, a website, a web interface and a mobile app had to be created.

In this project, the tasks have been very mixed as it was an early stage and there was a need for a lot of research of how much data is available.

First, in this project I had to read up a lot on what genes are and can do, while studying what goes on in the stomach as analysis of intestinal bacteria is also a big part of this.

Then all natural flows had to be made, from the customer entering the platform to an intuitive onboarding, accepting payment and when the results are ready, presenting them nicely to the customer on all available platforms.

The platform has been integrated with remote laboraties, its is integrated with big engross stores to get nutrition data combined with barcodes to ease entries into the platform.


Automated translations is a project where you have to create a program that can be placed on a website like javascript, and it will automatically scan for all text, find new texts when things are fixed.
Then it must upload these to a cloud solution and then return full language support in an optional language request.
The user of the website must then be able to choose which language they want to see the page in via an easy component.

The system itself can find out where text blocks are, to split them up into a format that makes it natural for a translator to later correct by possibly. corrections.

The application can be posted on any website. So it does not matter if it is written in ASP, .Net or PHP.


The flight planning program has been used primarily to find the best routes when people had to meet from different countries.

When sitting as an assistant and having to make sure people can find the best place when people in different areas of the world need to meet. Then you simply enter search criteria, such as which class you at least want to travel, which catering, stopovers.

Then the robot sits with contact to flight data and finds the best routers and can then report where in the world it is best for them to meet, to save time and money.

The program could also be used more globally as a very normal price agent, here you just entered your preferences, and then the robot sits constantly and finds good offer destinations.

In addition, the system also keeps track of your travels, to be able to forward if there have been problems with the plane, which makes you can get compensation.

There have been integrations to the larger aircraft companies where we have been able to collect aircraft data.


Partner workout was a fun little motivational project during the corona crisis, where there was a lot of supply to get people started at home so the program could plan any team workouts.

Everyone has their own dashboard where they can watch today's program. When everyone is ready, the trainer then clicks on start and the timer starts out on all connected devices.

There was an opportunity to follow your development in relation to previous workouts, and you could see your activity history and rate the different workouts for better future planning.

The application is developed with PHP as the frontend and a node.js server to control everything running synchronously.


The Crypto robot is a prediction robot that analyzes the market and finds the coins that look very interesting, and finds the right times to buy and sell.

The robot has both the ability to run on fully automated trades, but also let a person look at the data before making a purchase.

It works with big data, it sits with a web socket up against the stock exchanges and gets real-time data, it analyzes wallets on a given token, it checks patterns in past trades compared to current trades to find irregularities and trades based on this .

The robot is connected to Binance and the crack, at the same time it is integrated to the larger block chains such as ethereum, tezos and more.


The mailer and affiliate platform is built on the basis of a huge amount of emails. It is built to be able to fully automate sales channels and categorize recipients based on interests as they open their emails.

The system is built as a large marketing machine, you build your sales channels with associated sms or email flow. Depending on the recipient's interest, they end up in the best flows based on their interests.

Once you have set up your sales flows, simply design your lead magnets in the system and publish them to your channels to get as many leads as you possibly can. Then the whole system takes over and searches for full automation for future marketing for campaigns.

Everything is built around GDPR should be in order with acceptance from the recipient.

The system contains a custom built mail cluster where several thousand nodes can be set up which work together so that the same recipient always comes out through the right channel.

In addition, the system also includes a web crawler platform, which can be set up to crawl web data, to find most interesting SEO material and build campaign pages with this data, to build an SEO page as quickly and efficiently as possible.