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In ClubMaster we do everything to make sure we have the right features for you to grow your business.

  • Teams and classes
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In just 3 minutes, you can have your business up and running with a booking system and a professional website, see how in our Getting Started video.

ClubMaster is so easy to use, you can be in business after just 3 minutes.

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Are you having a dream of having your own business, we will help you, watch our getting started video, and see how you can have everything your business requires after just 3 minutes.

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We fit your business.

ClubMaster is very extensible, we are having a large number of modules that you can activate or deactivate as fit your needs, here you can read about some of our happy customers.

Personal Trainer

with ClubMaster you can use a personal calendar so that your clients can schedule a time with you, and you can start selling online programs.

Gym owner

If you are running a Gym, we have you covered, we support classes that your team members can participate with easy online booking. And you can use our Checkin Kiosk software to keep track of your members.

Crossfit box owner

For the Crossfit owner, we have thought about announcing your daily WODS, so with our scheduled posts, you can easily make sure your members are getting your WODs at the time, and minimize your time for the administration.

Psycho Terapeut

As a Psycho Terapeut, we have got you covered. Your clients can book in your calendar for times that fit you and your client, you can keep journals safe to have a history for your clients.

Massage Clinic

If you are running a Massage Clinic or similar, you can have as many calendars you need for your customers to schedule. As well, you can sell different services, so the customer can pick a custom package from the comfort of their homes.


ClubMaster loves the great work of NGOs, so we have you covered as well, you can make many different monthly subscriptions for your supporters, and make sure that only the paying members are getting your valuable content.

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About ClubMaster

Since 2007 we have served customers happily, with a background in a lot of sports clubs, we found the need for a good easy complete membership management tool for everybody.

Due to the flexibility of ClubMaster it can be fit into most different types of businesses, there are simply too many small organizations that do not want to pay a lot for managing their members, and we want to change that!

The same with all those new coaches and personal trainers, we think they should have an option to have an easy to use and cheap option to start their business online, without any big hassle to get started.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out
- Michael, founder of ClubMaster.

Is ClubMaster for you?

It's free to create an account, so go check out our features, or you can just signup now! Create Account

Our happy customers.

We do not care if you are located in any part of the world, ClubMaster is for everybody who wants to have more structure in their businesses.

Our Customers

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What does ClubMaster look like?

ClubMaster is striving to make the user management as easy for you as possible, that is why our site is 100% mobile-friendly, so you can do all your tasks on the go.

But we are covering a lot of different branches, so we would love to hear from you if you have anything that is not working 100% according to your business model, then we will do our bests to find a solution, together with you.

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Reward Program

Reward Program

At ClubMaster we love royal customers, and for that, we would like to reward you to refer a customer to us.

There are so many small organizations out there, so we hope that you know some people who need help with their digital business.

As a reward for every customer, you will refer to us, we will get 30% of their lifetime spendings. We think that is a good business for everybody.

In order to start referring your friends to start using ClubMaster, just sign in for a free account at ClubMaster, and you will find your reward instructions on our platform.

Is ClubMaster for you?

It's free to create an account, so go check out our features, or you can just signup now! Create Account

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