Features in ClubMaster

User Management

With ClubMaster you have unlimited number of members, there are no restrictions if you have 10 or 10.000 members. We have made it easy for you to find all the members with an easy search function.
We are keeping track of old as well as new members, you can always find your old members and their history.

All members are getting their own logins, so they can buy their memberships, and control everything by themselves, you are just setting the rules for how they can behave in your community.

Group Management

With our group management, you can easily select a group of people who is having special rights in the system. So maybe you need multiple administrators, then just make a group and assign them as administrators.
You can also make a selection of members so you have control of who might be playing on your first team, or which users should get special discounts.


ClubMaster memberships are very configurable, you can define which facilities they are allowed to use, and at what time on the day they are allowed to use your facilities.
So you can make different subscriptions, some which is less expensive which gives less rights for your users.

Besides that, you can also make clip cards for your members, so instead of having a subscription, they can pay for how much they are using your facilities or is attending your courses.
Everything is up to how you want your community to be.

Facility Booking

Facility is the ressources that your members is allowed to use, that can be

  • Tennis Courts
  • Badminton Courts
  • Personal at a clinic
  • Or timeslots for coaching sessions

You can configure them as you like, you can have a simple version where you just have a single tennis court.
You can also have a big area having

  • Outdoor place with 4 courts
  • Indoor place with 2 courts
  • A gym where people can book sessions with a coach

Everything in the same community, its really up to how your community is constructed, then it should be possible to configure with ClubMaster.

Course Management

We support any kind of courses, that can be team training for a tennis club, you can schedule team training for beginner and intermediate every day at 18.00-19.00 on a specific facility.
You can make rules of how many participants who can join the course.
It works just as well for crossfit classes, gym classes or if you are having a course for education purpose, you can make the same. There is no limit for how you can make courses.

As a coach you can login and get an overview of who is participating you class, so you can get a heads up if anyone is showing up.

Event Management

Events is a little like courses, there are just some different options. If you want to schedule an event in the community for a Barbeque party, or a tennis tournament, the users can signup automatically here for you event.
It is really easy for an administrator to watch who is partipating, and give announcements to this specific group of people attending an event.

User Announcement

If you have some special announcements for your community, you can make announcements which will come to the members email in case they have selected that option, otherwise it will be visible on the booking touchscreen. It will also appear on the frontpage of the member dashboard when people is logging in.