How can you contribute to the project??

Well there is actually quite a lot of different ways that you can help us out..

Well, the graphics have not really been a high priority yet, so we could really need some help here.. Else we are looking on bootstrap project by twitter, im pretty sure that can help us to improve the design when we have the time.

The project grows bigger and bigger, and we constantly need to keep the documentation updated with the features. We do actually need something more than just the README file, its just not good enough what we have.

At the time we have the project in danish and english, if anyone wants to translate the project into more languages we would love your help, its quite simple.

- Download a file with all the text
- Translate the file
- Send me the text file, or send a pull request on github

Also its very welcome to fork the projects, and submit pull requests at all time if you wants to contribute to the code base.

The entire project is written in Symfony2, so all the documentation to get started is quite easy to get :) You are welcome to ask any question all the time if you struggle somewhere..

If you want to follow the contribute to the project you can checkout whats on our todo list go to github:

People on the project

You might be wondering who is behind this project, and where you have a list of some of the members, you can also checkout our git repository to see who has comitted what and all such stats.

Michael Holm – maintainer
Mads Jon Nielsen – kiosk client
Henrik Hansen – iphone client
Markus Heller M.A., CEO of relix GmbH (, Munich, Germany

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