Forgot booking plan status

If you are going to upgrade to version 1.3.5 from a previously version, and used booking plans.. You will manually have to update booking plan status.

In the table club_booking_plan you will have to set the column status to 2 in all fields.

You can run this query which will do that for you:

mysql> update club_booking_plan set status=2;


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1.3.5 is out now

We got some input from our lovely users, so we wanted to make this build fast, we have made some extra improvements, here is a complete list of changes:

  • Fixed, hide_show parameter also hides from dashboard
  • Added, product image
  • Added, public shared files
  • Added, documents to individual users
  • Added, made product edit with tinymce description field
  • Fixed, strip html tags in product table list
  • Fixed, upgraded to tinymce version 4.1
  • Updated, design on kiosk interface
  • Added, if booking plan interupts with exsisting booking, you will be warned
  • Fixed, a critical bug with some miss spelled class names, RedHat/CentOS would properly not run ClubMaster
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Roadmap to version 1.3.5

We are ready with our roadmap for the next release, we expect the release to come already in next week.. Enjoy the summer until the coming release :)

  • Add product images
  • Add documents to members
  • Admin can share documents to all users


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Released version 1.3.4

And we have just finished a new release.. This time we have bundled the main project and our kiosk interface together..

You can use the kiosk with a touchscreen pc in your club, just navigate to the url:, and put that on a fullscreen chrome browser, and you are good to go.

Else we have packed this release with lots of goodies:

  • Fixed dont show cancelled orders when listing who has bought product
  • Fixed dont send mails when creating guest account
  • Fixed create guest account
  • Fixed when using coupons, they cannot be persisted
  • Added option if teamlist is visible
  • Fixed that export users, will break if any user does not have dob
  • Fixed crossdomain on weather bundle
  • Add more than 2 to a booking
  • Fixed we can search on never expiring users
  • Add that admin can see users future bookings
  • Add color to booking plan
  • Upgraded symfony to 2.5.0
  • Added kiosk to project
  • Upgraded keyboard on kiosk, and improved usability
  • Found some bugs in kiosk, with connection timeouts

Hope you will enjoy all of it..

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Release is out 1.3.3

This is a quick release after i realized that the installer was more or less broken, the stylesheet and javascripts did not work properly.. So it gave a lot of problems with javascripts forms, as in datepickers and so on.

So we have a fix include some other things:

  • Show more products on each page
  • Added booking errors to general log, debug to admins
  • Does not count orders cancelled as a bought product
  • Removed has_subscription entity in user filter
  • Fixed bug, take quantity from product after purchase not after order has been planted
  • Fixed bug, take quantity from product after purchase not after order has been planted

hope you like it.. :)

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added hosting

For the part of you how does just need an easy going membership system we will help out with a just as easy hosting plan..

Look at the new section, how this can help some of you getting started.. You will get the system short after you have ordered the system, the payment will start after you are satisfied..

Hope you like it :)

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Version 1.3.2 is out

It took quite some time for this release.. but here is a summary of what has happended:

  • Added paginator to product view
  • Added link to forgot password from frontpage
  • Users only appear on product bought list if they have paid
  • Upgraded framework to symfony version 2.4
  • Allow to switch to other users if you are super admin
  • Use more CDN from third party tools
  • Added settings if the system should send special types of mail.
  • Added setting that let only active members buy products
  • Rewrite weather module to use better and free service
  • Disable blog functionality with setting
  • Improved user search
  • Fixed sent messages without subject
  • Fixed urlencoding thanks to Allan Th. Andersen
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1.3.1 is out :)


1.3.1 is here.. :) Time flies.. and we are ready with a new build, this time its mostly about bug fixes and some important features to existing functionality..

Properly the most important thing is that you are no more required to have the intl extension installed, so ClubMaster can be installed almost anywhere..

Here is the changelog:

* Upgraded jquery
* Upgraded twitter bootstrap
* Upgraded symfony2
* Removed unused libraries
* Added ability to send mail immidiately
* Improved design of booking informations
* Fixed a bug with regeneration of teams with fields
* Added support for free products
* Improved checkout procedure
* Improved field administration
* Added sort of products in view
* Made member number visible to member
* Cleanup shopping carts after 2 weeks
* Added support for pay of events
* Added functionality to archive sent messages
* Added functionality to send messages to filter search
* Fixed a translation of VAT
* Added plaintext password on welcome mails
* Added products to API
* Added support for products in stock
* No more need to clear cache on new configuration
* Added twitter integration to share posts
* Added features, you can see how has bought a product
* Only shop active products in category view

Hope you will enjoy the improvements,

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Just uploaded an installer video


I have just uploaded an installer video, that show how to install ClubMaster, hope this can help someone out if they are in problems..

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Added clubmaster-docs repository

I have just added the standalone ClubMaster documentation repository too keep the documentation more up to date.., so anyone is very welcome to help contributing with any improvements of the english grammer in the README files :)

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