Lots of new goodies

Lots of new goodies

Yet again, we are having a bunch of presents for you guys, we have been working really hard to get the usability up, so we hope you like it :)

First of all, we have added a WYSIWYG edit multiple places, to make text around the page a little more personal.

Then we have added subject to internal messages, it was just easier to navigate through all the messages when it contains a subject, so you are welcome.

The admin dashboard has become much more relevant, and now the start entry point if you are an administrator user, more stats, and more relevant links.

We have renamed the User Logs to Journals, it just makes so much more sense.

Made all the navigation menus so much more simple, all you need should not be many clicks away now. It includes both the menu in the right side, and subpages which now contains relevant links.

We are now using the profile picture on multiple lists, including the admin menu, to make it easier for the admin to locate their members.

We had a minor bug in the booking overview, which has been fixed.

We have added prices to courses, events and facility bookings, for people who is not having a subscription.

The signup proceure has become much more simple, if you wants to signup to an event or buy a subscription, its so much faster to get new members.

Thast it for this time, we will be back shortly, a small teaser, we are properly going to work on appointment booking for your business :)

Posted by Michael Holm

Hi, I am the founder of ClubMaster, so when ever you are having any issues, feel free to reach out to our support and we will be happy to help you out.
Did you know that I have been building websites and platforms for more than 15 years, me and my team are looking forward to hear from you.