Thanks for great feedback

Thanks for great feedback

We have got some fantastic feedback from our community, a Martial Art club have some requirements before they can start using ClubMaster, so we are listening.

We needed to create dynamic fields for each user, so that has been granted, you can now add any field on your customers that you like.

They needed a belt ranking system as well, so we have granted everybody with our flexible archivement system.
Here you can add any kind of archivement to keep track who of your members is having which belt, and at what date they granted the specific ranking.
Besides that, you can also make it a system for your coaches to flag which certificates they have, for instance a crossfit box can list all their coaches and which certificates each and every coach have.
You can use it in any way you like, so a great appreciation to our lovely Martial Art club.

Posted by Michael Holm

Hi, I am the founder of ClubMaster, so when ever you are having any issues, feel free to reach out to our support and we will be happy to help you out.
Did you know that I have been building websites and platforms for more than 15 years, me and my team are looking forward to hear from you.