Discount Plans and product images has been added

Discount Plans and product images has been added

Now you are able to make a group of members, and then give them all a good discount.

This means you can make a group of all your active member, and then you can give them between 20 and 50% in your shop.

You can customize our groups however you like, it can be anything like

  • Filter by age
  • by member status
  • by gender
  • by in dept
  • by positive account balance
  • or you can make your own groups manually if you like

We also provided you with the extra feature that you can now add images to your products if you would like that.

Posted by Michael Holm

Hi, I am the founder of ClubMaster, so when ever you are having any issues, feel free to reach out to our support and we will be happy to help you out.
Did you know that I have been building websites and platforms for more than 15 years, me and my team are looking forward to hear from you.