Feature freeze 1.2

Now we have closed version 1.2 for new features and waiting 2 weeks in order to discover the last few bugs this version might have..

So what you can look forward to in this release is plenty of new stuff:

- integration to e-conomic
- integration to payment modules (quickpay)
- better order system
- league module
- improved design
- import users from csv file
- export members i csv file
- add blog on the welcome page.
- add passkey module (keep track of how has a key to the club)
- and lots n lots of different fixes..

So.. within 2 weeks the build will be ready..

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Times flies…

The time flies away.. some months has passed since last update..

However in the meantime we have got the install up and running in Aalborg Tennis Klub and i have got a few questions about the installation process where i havent really been satisfied with the doctrine migration project, so i have used soem time to write me own database migration plugins..

So i have found quite a lot of things that i needed to change in order to stable the next release.:

- Installer has been improved
- Migrations has been rewritten
- Order handling has been improved a lot
- Ready for payment plugins (Quickpay already included)
- League plugin

And a lot of other changes.. so now, the second install that i know of is about to be installed. The next weekend Nibe Tennis Klub will open the season.. so when the installation has been running for a few weeks, and i have fixed the last few bugs, ill be ready to call it a release.

Also, i have added a small widget in the right screen so you can follow the development on github :)

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Almost ready for release

The booking part is pretty complex, we have talked with Aalborg Tennis Klub and Nibe Tennisklub about testing the software, and find the last bugs. After this trial we will official call this a release.

So in around 2 weeks im sure we are ready to the first release with the new court booking module, and a lot of other bug fixes and improvements.

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happy new year!

Now its time for the first post in the new year, tho its not time for the first release yet but we are getting real close now :)

The IPhone development has been started and added to a github repository so you can follow the development thanks to Henrik Hansen..

Right now we has begun the fine tuning of the booking bundle, we are working on simplicity, and improvements of the error messages through our API. That will make it easier for you to build your own software on ClubMaster.

So within a week or two we are ready for a new release, hope you all have had a merry christmas and a wonderful new year.. Best of luck in the new year.!

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Road to 1.2

Now i have just come up with a plan for what will be on the coming release for ClubMaster 1.2.. The most important part of the coming release will diffidently be the booking system:

  • Booking bundle
  • Add API KEY when users uses participant through API
  • Fix all places with DateTime()->getTimestamp with clone
  • Cleanup all repository classes
  • Make some more tests
  • Coupon option if a coupon can go below zero
  • Implement gravatar

We are so ready to get started on the booking part, also besides we are working on the touch screen client and iphone client as seperate project, follow the projects in the development stage on github :)

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Release version 1.1

We are ready with a new release, we have postponed two issues to the next release.

For this release we give you:

  • Participant log for when users come and go.
  • Team bundle where you can control all the teams in you club.
  • Give user a much better look of their subscription.
  • Improved log page.
  • and as always a bunch of minor tweaks :)
That should give you a very good package of important tools for controlling your club.
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Road to 1.1

We have made a plan for the upcoming release 1.1.. When its ready you will be fed with:

  • Log for when you members come and go.
  • Team Bundle
  • Improve event administration
  • Improve design of user filter
  • Users should be able to cancel auto renewal subscription
  • Improve design of users subscription status
  • Improve design on log page
So hope this is some of the features you have waited for :)
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We has removed the forum, due to its a lot easier to maintain a mailing list, and thanks to google its so easy for us :)

So for all users related questions:

ClubMaster Users

And all development related questions goes here:

ClubMaster Development

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Final release #1.0

What a lovely day… version 1.0 has been release, we have made a bunch of changes once again.. once i started to check the accounting system, i talked with a very good friend of mine (Morten Krat).

We came to the conclusion that there was no point in having TAX and accounting without having the option to use it as a accounting system for real, so we have removed all about TAX, and removed the account bundle for now. When we are ready we will add those again, but it was not a big priority compared to get the project ready for launch.

Also, we have changed the graphics a bit with the logo to get the project more personal :) The old template was not really good for anyone.. now you can have a pretty install right from the beginning.

So now we will start on the plans for the coming releases.

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Need a little more work


Im almost ready with the final realease, but i would love to make sure the accounting system is 100% okay before i can make the final realease.

Im looking for some friends or just someone how can help me with this part.. So once in ready with this part i will be able to make the final realease.

Enjoy your weekends :)

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