Released version 1.3.4

And we have just finished a new release.. This time we have bundled the main project and our kiosk interface together..

You can use the kiosk with a touchscreen pc in your club, just navigate to the url:, and put that on a fullscreen chrome browser, and you are good to go.

Else we have packed this release with lots of goodies:

  • Fixed dont show cancelled orders when listing who has bought product
  • Fixed dont send mails when creating guest account
  • Fixed create guest account
  • Fixed when using coupons, they cannot be persisted
  • Added option if teamlist is visible
  • Fixed that export users, will break if any user does not have dob
  • Fixed crossdomain on weather bundle
  • Add more than 2 to a booking
  • Fixed we can search on never expiring users
  • Add that admin can see users future bookings
  • Add color to booking plan
  • Upgraded symfony to 2.5.0
  • Added kiosk to project
  • Upgraded keyboard on kiosk, and improved usability
  • Found some bugs in kiosk, with connection timeouts

Hope you will enjoy all of it..

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