1.3.1 is out :)


1.3.1 is here.. :) Time flies.. and we are ready with a new build, this time its mostly about bug fixes and some important features to existing functionality..

Properly the most important thing is that you are no more required to have the intl extension installed, so ClubMaster can be installed almost anywhere..

Here is the changelog:

* Upgraded jquery
* Upgraded twitter bootstrap
* Upgraded symfony2
* Removed unused libraries
* Added ability to send mail immidiately
* Improved design of booking informations
* Fixed a bug with regeneration of teams with fields
* Added support for free products
* Improved checkout procedure
* Improved field administration
* Added sort of products in view
* Made member number visible to member
* Cleanup shopping carts after 2 weeks
* Added support for pay of events
* Added functionality to archive sent messages
* Added functionality to send messages to filter search
* Fixed a translation of VAT
* Added plaintext password on welcome mails
* Added products to API
* Added support for products in stock
* No more need to clear cache on new configuration
* Added twitter integration to share posts
* Added features, you can see how has bought a product
* Only shop active products in category view

Hope you will enjoy the improvements,

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