Release 1.2

Finally 1.2 has arrived :)

We have spent lots and lots of hours to get everything up and running smoothly, after the release in Aalborg Tennis Klub I found some behaviors of the system that needed to be tuned quite a bit..

But after months of development we are ready to give you the next big release.. as you can see in the latter post we have added stuff like:

  • booking module
  • league module
  • online creditcard payment (let us know if you need a specific module for this, currently we only have quickpay)
  • integration with e-conomic (ledger)
  • import users from csv files

and so much more.. but one big things we have changed is the installer.. the first one way just too heavy, and was a pain if you did not have access to the cli. It was not in any way dynamic enough for our needs too.. so, we needed to write one ourselves..

Anyways.. feel free to download the projects from the download page, and we hope you will give us feedback to improve the project even more.. in the meantime we will continue build more modules.. :)

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