Times flies…

The time flies away.. some months has passed since last update..

However in the meantime we have got the install up and running in Aalborg Tennis Klub and i have got a few questions about the installation process where i havent really been satisfied with the doctrine migration project, so i have used soem time to write me own database migration plugins..

So i have found quite a lot of things that i needed to change in order to stable the next release.:

- Installer has been improved
- Migrations has been rewritten
- Order handling has been improved a lot
- Ready for payment plugins (Quickpay already included)
- League plugin

And a lot of other changes.. so now, the second install that i know of is about to be installed. The next weekend Nibe Tennis Klub will open the season.. so when the installation has been running for a few weeks, and i have fixed the last few bugs, ill be ready to call it a release.

Also, i have added a small widget in the right screen so you can follow the development on github :)

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