Release candidate 3 is out..

Now i’ve spent the time since last time find out how to make functional tests for the project. I really started to need this since the project got bigger and bigger, and i found a few places where i get some fatals.. So it has helped a LOT of further development of the project.. :)

Also i found a rather big problem with the order part, so i have made some database changes once again.. It was needed to get the multi location stuff to work, there was no problem.

Anyway, since last i have completed the following:

  • Change mail handling to be far more simple
  • Added more detailed times for viewing order
  • Made right content type for outgoing emails
  • Moved prepare newsletters to backend to keep the website fast
  • Added more information to logger
  • Updated tinymce editor
  • Now you can create user without email and phone
  • Added funtional tests to the project, and added 89 different tests
  • Improved style on event page
  • Changed product month attribute to be far more flexible, we now support subscriptions from 3 seconds to 370years, and even more :)
  • Fixed automatic renew subscriptions.
  • Fixed pauses for subscriptions below a day
  • And a lot of minor changes, everything can be found on our site.

Hope you like all the new changes, hopefully this will be one of the last release candidated and all the problems has been solved.

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